Outsmarting The Procrastination Devil

An average teenager will end up spending 15-20 years of his or her life on social media I’ve written a lot about how we spend money on ‘stuff’ that do not add any real value to our lives. The same line of thinking can be extended to spending our ‘time’....which is our most precious resource.... Continue Reading →

While you were sleeping

Vivian’s New Year's Resolution Vivian was helping his daughter with some math homework when he pulled out a sheet of scrap paper from his desk. It was mostly blank on one side but when he turned it over, he saw that it was a credit card statement from eight months ago. He noticed the last... Continue Reading →

You just gave away $31,000

How many times do you ask for a discount when buying something or eating out in a restaurant. Most people do not. Most of us do not realize that the easiest way for us to get a better deal is just by ‘asking’. If you think it’s embarrassing to ask for discounts, or for any... Continue Reading →

Dividend reinvesting

Some readers, especially the ones new to investing and money management, wanted to know various ways of achieving 'compounding' in their investment portfolio.  I had written about this topic in my earlier posts : Compounding: The eighth wonder - Part 1 and Financial well-being - Part 2. The way to achieve this compounding is through reinvestment of realized income/gains.... Continue Reading →

What I learnt from poker

My previous work required me to spend a lot of time in casinos and especially Vegas. It reached a stage where I started getting really tired of those visits. The very thought of walking through those long rows of slot machines, the typical sights, sounds, blinking lights and smell of a gaming floor made me sick and tired. However,... Continue Reading →

Cashflow : Tiding over rough times

If you are given a choice between two different long term investments : Investment A  - Track record of 13.6% compounded annual return over a 30 year period Investment B -  Track record of 8% compounded return over the same 30 year period. Which one would you choose? In dollar terms, if you invested a $1000... Continue Reading →

Financial well-being – Part 2

In the 1st part of this series on Financial well-being, I had emphasized upon the importance of positive cash-flows. I invite you to read the previous post in this series, Financial well-being - Part 1. Let us take a closer look at the term 'financial well-being'. Our definition of financial well-being is completely independent of the size... Continue Reading →

Being smart about costs – Part 3

The Eleventh Commandment My simple definition of an arbitrage is: 'A situation where we can enjoy absolutely the same value, but not have to pay the normal asking price'. I wrote about some such arbitrage possibilities in my previous post (Being smart about costs - Part 2). Being smart is not about cutting down on... Continue Reading →

Being smart about costs – Part 2

Do you feel embarrassed about asking for a discount?  I was chatting with a friend about investments and I mentioned to him that the easiest way to make money in the long run is to ask for a discount in every transaction that you do every single day of your life. He initially thought I... Continue Reading →

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