Dividend reinvesting

Some readers, especially the ones new to investing and money management, wanted to know various ways of achieving 'compounding' in their investment portfolio.  I had written about this topic in my earlier posts : Compounding: The eighth wonder - Part 1 and Financial well-being - Part 2. The way to achieve this compounding is through reinvestment of realized income/gains.... Continue Reading →

What I learnt from poker

My previous work required me to spend a lot of time in casinos and especially Vegas. It reached a stage where I started getting really tired of those visits. The very thought of walking through those long rows of slot machines, the typical sights, sounds, blinking lights and smell of a gaming floor made me sick and tired. However,... Continue Reading →

Cashflow : Tiding over rough times

If you are given a choice between two different long term investments : Investment A  - Track record of 13.6% compounded annual return over a 30 year period Investment B -  Track record of 8% compounded return over the same 30 year period. Which one would you choose? In dollar terms, if you invested a $1000... Continue Reading →

Financial well-being – Part 2

In the 1st part of this series on Financial well-being, I had emphasized upon the importance of positive cash-flows. I invite you to read the previous post in this series, Financial well-being - Part 1. Let us take a closer look at the term 'financial well-being'. Our definition of financial well-being is completely independent of the size... Continue Reading →

Financial well being – Part 1

Most of us start with a job where we earn a salary. We spend part of the salary taking care of our expenses including taxes, and invest the balance amount, if there is any. Over time: - Our salary typically increases, though that is not a certainty - Our investments sometimes go up and sometimes go... Continue Reading →

Stupidity alert #1

When it comes to money-matters, every body has their share of not-so-smart decisions they made at some point of time. I have had my own share of stupidities and a few 'unbelievable stupidities' under my belt. I have come to realize that the best way for me to ensure that I learn my lesson and... Continue Reading →

Compounding: The eighth wonder – Part 1

"Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it ... he who doesn't ... pays it"...Albert Einstein There are quite a few ways of enhancing one's wealth significantly viz. winning a lottery, hitting a jackpot, receiving a windfall inheritance from a rich grandma or a dead Nigerian dictator. What... Continue Reading →

Freedom: Money-Wise

The other day I was volunteering at the local community center as part of an initiative by the ‘Singapore Kindness Movement’. We were trying to promote courtesy and kindness among 4-8 year old children through fun games. I absolutely enjoyed the activities and so did the kids. However what bothered me was the number of... Continue Reading →

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